Whizzotech Toslink Optical to Coax Coaxial Digital Audio Converter (Black) 24bit/192K sampling rate

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Product Description

Need more TOSLINK inputs on your receiver? This optical to coaxial converter will connect the TOSLINK optical output from your DVD player, cable or satellite receiver to a coaxial digital audio input.
Don’t buy a new receiver, just change media formats and get full digital signal sound quality.
1x Digital OPTICAL to COAX Audio Format Converter
1x DC9V Power Adapter
1x User Manual

Product features

  • You can plug your Toslink Digital Optical in and get Digital Audio Coax Out. This can transforms a Digital Toslink Optical signal to a digital RCA Coaxial (S/PDIF) audio signal
  • This audio splitter works with all digital audio device such as HDTV, Blue-ray DVD player, HD cable box, Ps3, HD receivers, home theater systerm and all other HD devices. It is all plug and play
  • Simply plug the power supply, connect the optical toslink (Coax) cable betweer the optical (Coax) audio source/the end receving devices and the setup is all done
  • Used 24-bit audio DSP, 96KHz Digital recivers, 24bit ADC, supports all S/PDIF digltal audio transmission for uncompressed PCM, LPCM, Dolby AC-3, Dolby 5.1 Dolby Digital and DTS sound
  • This product will NOT convert ANALOG AUDIO (typically Left&Right-Red and White RCA audio to the Digital Audio Format)