Velocity Clip Strong Helmet Strap & Head Mount Fits All Types of Helmets, Hats, Beanies, And Heads. For Snowboarding, Bikes, Skateboarding, and Motorcycles For GoPro

Product Description

Designed to fit your GoPro Hero. Thicker material than the standard head straps on the market.

Parts included - 1 Head Strap

The head mount fits over all sizes and objects. It can fit over your head, helmets, beanies, hats, etc. There's rubber sticky grips on the inner weave of the head mount for a strong sticky grip. This head mount will NOT slip off your helmets!

GoPro "foot" mount attachment allows the user to easily clip in the GoPro.

Created from highly stretchy and firm cotton / polyester, ensures that the head mount will not wear over time. The stretchy material always stays firm so you can use the product for years.

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