Movaics Trywin (Tri-Win) X-RIDE (Aix slide) portable navigation for air conditioning louver type stand (06-T) fit T Stand

Product Description

This product is compatible T exclusive goods. Please keep in mind that it does not fit to the navigation of all tri Wynn Ek slide.

(Four Tsumetaipu) stand of Tri-Win and Aix slide knowingly when wearing this product are many errors at the time of manufacture

that there is a possibility that there is a case in four if nails are loose-tight

please purchase I will do. (It is often hard to say either)

and air conditioning in fin Please refer to the horizontal of the thickness of the fin within 20mm depth of the fin in the car dedicated to fit the fin and the type is equal to or greater than 7mm between the fins within 2mm (image )

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