Product Description

Now it is easier than ever to repel mosquitos and insects with this Sollievo Natural Mosquito Repellent BRACELET

This DEET free eco friendly mosquito repellent is safe for adults with children. Chemical free and made with all natural and safe oils make for a great repellant but also smell great. No more sticky bug sprays and lotions..

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Product features

  • DEET FREE Sollievo Mosquito Repellent Band made with no harmful chemicals making this bracelet safe for children and adults. No messy sprays or oils on your skin, just a stylish and effective repellent bracelet.
  • 100% GENUINE LEATHER and WATERPROOF repellent bracelets are fashionable, comfortable, and effective for everyone in the family. Waterproof makes these great for any outdoor adventure, rain or shine.
  • NATURAL OIL REPELLENT is not only effective and safe but smells great with scents such as Lemongrass, Citronella, and Geraniol. No stinky bug sprays and lotions
  • 15 DAYS OF PROTECTION for each bracelet. With our 2 pack of your color of choice you will have 30 days of mosquito free outdoor fun.
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