Product Description

Rips Romex wire outer jacket cleanly and quickly. Clips outer sheathing to remove excess Romex wire jacket. Strips inner conduit wires. Looping holes loop wire for screw-on connections. Twist-AssistTM tightens most popular sizes of winged twist-on wire connectors. Injection molded elastomer grip provides a comfortable, slip resistant grip. Strip length measuring scale allows for quick and easy measurements. Conveniently fits in your pocket.

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Product features

  • TWISTING: Plug a wing nut (not included) into this system and you'll be able to get an easy grip to connect wires together
  • CONDUCTOR HOOKING: Indents on the tool allow you to loop conductors to fit around grounding screws
  • STRIPPING GAUGE lets you see how much length you are stripping off of your wire for precise measurements
  • IDEAL FOR NM CABLE: An internal hook inside the ripper latches onto the jackets of NM cable, letting you drag the tool across and make neat rips
  • "V" NOTCHED BLADE efficiently strips wire or cable without having to resort to other tools. With this, you'll get a consistent cut every time
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