Product Description

What are Hub Centric Rings?
Also known as hubrings, this device is installed between the vehicle’s hub and the wheel. The hubring fills in the gap between the vehicle hub and the centerbore of the wheel.

Why do I need it?
If your wheel’s centerbore does not perfectly center on your vehicle’s hub, you may be experiencing some steering wheel vibrations. Hubrings eliminate those vibrations by centering the wheel onto your vehicle’s hub.

How can I confirm fitment?
Hubrings are advertised with 2 measurements, typically in millimeters (mm). The smaller of the 2 measurements is the inner diameter. This should match your vehicle’s hub bore.  The larger of the 2 measurements is the outer diameter. This should match your wheel’s centerbore.

Fitment Information:
Fits various Chevrolet, Pontiac, & Saturn vehicles. Message us with year/make/model if you have any fitment questions.

Important Notes – Check before purchasing
– Buyers must ensure their Vehicle’s Hub is 65.1mm.
– Buyers must ensure their Wheel’s Centerbore is 73.1mm.
– If you are not unsure about fitment, please do not guess. Send us a message and we are happy to help.

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Product features

  • Authentic Precision European Motorwerk Hubcentric Rings
  • Designed To Eliminate vibrations caused by your wheels not centering correctly onto your vehicle's hub. Easy Installation
  • Made out of High Quality Aluminum so it will not bend & ensure a tight fit
  • Hub Ring Inner Diameter: 65.1mm (Must Match VEHICLE Hub Bore)
  • Hub Ring Outer Diameter: 73.1mm (Must match WHEEL Center Bore)
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