Product Description

Light Any Room In Your Home With Honeywell’s Value Pack LED Bulbs 

Long Life LED Bulbs
Can last up to 22 years of normal use 
Reduces replacement costs of normal bulbs
Eliminate inconvenience of  constantly changing bulbs

Dimmable to Suit Your Lighting Needs 
Can be used in conjunction with dimmer switches
Adjust to low setting for warm background lighting  
Turn up to maximum brightness for near daylight levels 

Protects Your Wallet and the Environment

Uses only 15% of the energy of standard light bulbs
Save hundreds of dollars on your energy bills
Value for money triple pack of 3 LED bulbs

Fits Multiple Light Fittings
Ideal for ceiling fittings and spotlights 
Also suitable for decorative lamps and downlighting
Use in living rooms, bedrooms, kitchens and hallways

Perfect Light In Every Room 
270-degree beam angle for maximum coverage
800 lumens of light for enhanced brightness
Soft, warm glow to augment the ambiance in any room

Our No Questions Asked, Money Back Guarantee Is Our Commitment To 100% Customer Satisfaction.

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Product features

  • SAVING YOU MONEY ON ENERGY BILLS - Although your LED bulbs give you the equivalent output of a 60W incandescent bulb they only use 6W of energy. This saves you money on your bills, which can add up to hundreds of dollars over the lifetime of the product. This also contributes to protecting the environment.
  • VALUE FOR MONEY LONG LIFE BULBS - Normal incandescent bulbs have a low average lifespan, often less than 1000 hours of use. The lifetime of your LED bulbs have is up to 20 times greater meaning lower replacement costs and reducing the inconvenience of changing them as frequently.
  • SAFE REPLACEMENTS FOR INCANDESCENT BULBS - Your Honeywell LED bulbs are a modern and convenient improvement to old-fashioned incandescent bulbs. Backed by a 5-year guarantee they are a high-quality alternative to safely light your home. Durable so they won't break easily and mercury free to safeguard the environment.
  • DIMMABLE TO CREATE THE PERFECT LIGHT LEVEL - Your LED bulbs are dimmable so you can set them to the ideal light level depending on the brightness you want. Set them high with 800 lumens of bright light for reading in the lounge or adjust them to a lower level while enjoying a romantic meal.
  • SUITABLE FOR VARIOUS FITTINGS - With an E26 medium screw cap base your LED bulbs can be used in any room and with a wide variety of lighting fixtures. They are perfect for use in ceiling fixtures, pendant lights, table & floor lamps and even electric candelabras.
  • DIMMABILITY-Compatible with the following dimmers: LEVITON 1E3402, LEVITON 1E15, LUTRON DVCL-153P, LUTRON S-600P, LUTRON S-601P, LEVITON 1G2408, LEVITON 1H4105, LUTRON CT-600P, LUTRON CTCL-135P, LUTRON MACL-153M, LEVITON 1G3405
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