Gomadic USB Charging Data Coiled Cable Designed for The Mio Spirit 4900/4950 / 4970 LM Will Charge and Data sync with one Unique TipExchange Enabled Cable

Product Description

No additional AC power required. Uses power from the USB port of the computer to charge the Mio Spirit 4900 / 4950 / 4970 LM

Specification: Cable length: (12 to 30 inches), Outer Shell Material: (Coiled PU), Internal Leads: 24AWG, TipExchange Connector Design (Mio Spirit 4900 / 4950 / 4970 LM Specific)

Included TipExchange technology enables cable to be easily upgraded by simply switching the physical connector plug. Specific connection for the Mio Spirit 4900 / 4950 / 4970 LM is included, with additional connectors for thousands of other devices available separately.

Coiled design is the ideal compromise between durability and compactness. Quality 24AWG lead data lines maximize both charging and data speeds.

Combines two critical functions (e.g. data sync and charging) into one single accessory cable. Saves space, clutter and money.

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