Gomadic Intelligent Compact Car / Auto DC Charger suitable for the Philips Aria (All GB Versions) - 2A / 10W power at half the size. Uses Gomadic TipExchange Technology

Product Description

Gomadic TipExchange Technology protects your investment by providing a means to change/upgrade your charger by simply swapping the physical charging tip. (Charging tip for Philips Aria (All GB Versions)) included with additional tips sold separately)

Intelligent circuit provides precise output voltage and resistor configuration specific to the Philips Aria (All GB Versions). This ensures battery is safely and efficiently charged without affecting battery longevity.

Charger provides a full 10W (2,000mAh) of available current in a small form factor a little over 1 inch long. Flexible, straight cable measure 50 inches in total length.

Power Sleep"" feature will cut power draw of charger by over 99% when not in use. Charger will draw less than 0.1W of power when in ""ready state"" (e.g. not connected to the Philips Aria (All GB Versions)).

Built using high quality capacitors and circuit components to ensure that charging current does not interfere with FM radio transmissions. Rigorous Q&A process.

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