Product Description

Lynx Essentials Moisturizing Foot Exfoliant Peel Mask is specifically designed to remove dead skin and calluses.

How to use?

1) Clean and dry feet

2) Remove foot mask from the package and cut it along the dotted line

3) Wear foot mask, press it lightly and place sticker on the opening

4) Take off the mask after 60 minutes and massage feet

5) Usually customers see results after 5 to 7 uses

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Product features

  • Spending way to much getting your feet done at the salon? Save your money and buy Lynx Essentials Foot Peel. It's better and inexpensive.
  • Want baby butt soft skin? Using our Exfoliating Peeling Mask ensures your feet will be as smooth and pink as feet of a baby.
  • Thick calloused skin can cause pain and discomfort. By using Foot Peeling Bootie, your feet will be restored to full health and cracking will be eliminated.
  • The Foot Socks come in 5 different flavors. Lavender, Chamomile, and Sage flavors for exfoliating and peeling the dead skin. Coconut and Honey Almond for moisturizing the skin to further improve skin health and appearance.
  • Having difficulty removing rough spots and calluses despite doing numerous pedicures? Try Foot mask booties for a fraction of the price and see better results in no time.
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