EDO Tech 11' Car Charger Adapter Power Cord for Philips 7 9 10 inches Dual Screen Headrest Portable DVD Player Pet9402/37 Pet708/37 Pd7012/37 Pd9012/37 Pd9016/37 pd700/37

Product Description

This adapter compatible with Philips Part Number: LY-02, AY-4133, AY-4128, AY-4197. (⚠️ will not work with RCA portable DVD players). Dual plugs car power cord cord for All Philips 7" 9" 10" single & dual screen portable DVD player models Pet7402a/37 Pet724 Pd7012/37 Pd7016/37 Pet7402/37 Pet708/37 Pd7012g/37 Pd7012p/37 Pd9000/37 Pd9016/37 Pd9012/37 Pd9012/37rb Pd9012m/37 Pd9012/17 Pd9012/rb Pd9016p/37 Pb9011/37 Rbpd9012/37s Pd9000/37 Pd7032t/12 Pd7032t/05 Pd7022/12 Pd7022/05 Pd9018/07 Pet9402/37

Pd9030/05 Pd9030/12 Pd9015/12 Pd9010/12 Pd9010/05 Pd9010/79 Pd8015/12 Pd7042/12 Pd9028/51 Pd7030/51 Pd7030/98 Pd7030/12 Pet741m/37 Pet741w/37 Pet741w/17 Pet702/37 Pet1002/37 Pet710/37 Pet729/37 Pet835/00 Pet830/00 Pet830/98 Pet1030/00 Pet1030/05 Pet730/05 Pet1035/00 Pet735 Pet704/05 Pet100/67 Pet1046/12 Pet1031/98 Pet1031/12 Pet1000 Pet748/58 Pet718/55 Pet718/98 Pet724/37 Pet741b/37 Pet831 Pet836 Pet825 Pet810 Pet800 Pet940 Pet946/12 Pet988 Pet944/12 Pet941d/79 Pet941d/37 Pet941a/37

Also works with all Sylvania portable DVD players and Impecca DVP-DS720; Aduiovox D7121ESK D9121ESK D1788ES; Insignia NS-7DPDVD NS-MVDS7 NS-MVDs9; AXION AXN-7979; Ematic ED929 ED717 Sylvania Sdvd8727 Sdvd8730 Sdvd8732 Sdvd8716-COM Dual Screen DVD Player

12V input, w/ LED power status indicator, about 11' in length, total length: 11', 6' from charger body to splits, 5' from splits to plugs.

Double insulation, heavy duty cable, high quality car power cord, can reach to third row seats in your van or SUV, 30 days money back, one year warranty

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