ColorRite Pen Automotive Touch-up Paint for Suzuki Kizashi - Vivid Red Clearcoat ZNB - All-Inclusive Package

Product Description

The All-Inclusive Package includes three 1/2 oz (14.8 mL) touch-up pens - primer, factory-matched color and high-quality clearcoat for a long-lasting, durable finish. Also included - 2 Prep Wipes to remove wax or grease, latex gloves, 3M sandpaper combo pack, 3M masking tape, tack cloth and polishing compound for the best results possible. See menu above for more package options.

Touch-up paint designed specifically by ColorRite for the Suzuki Kizashi. Please confirm that your vehicle's color code is ZNB (2010-2012) Vivid Red Clearcoat before ordering.

ColorRite 1/2 oz. touch-up pens are the easiest and best way to repair small nicks and scratches. If you have a stone chip, small nick, or fairly small scratch, the pen is ideal. It has a chiseled nib" style tip has two edges; a thin edge for hairline sc"

Available sizes include: Touch-up pens and 1/2 oz. jars are ideal for small nicks or chips. 2 oz. bottles provide more paint for larger areas (under 3 feet). Aerosols are convenient for those who do not have professional spray equipment. And for the best results and larger areas, our professional sizes are designed to be used with a spray gun.

ColorRite has been manufacturing high quality paints for over 25 years. Achieve results the very first time - choose ColorRite.

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