Product Description

“It’s Time To Love Your Beard…And Let It Love You Back!”

– Introducing Balmy Beards Beard Balm – Grows, Grooms, Soothes & Softens Your Beard!

Who Knew A Beard Could Feel THIS Amazing?

Sometimes your beard can get out of control. Sometimes it can become coarse, dry, and cause you a lot of mayhem with itchy skin and even dandruff. What your beard needs is a bit of TLC and love. Balmy Beards Beard Balm & Beard Softener is your ultimate beard balm made from some of best natural oils and butters in the world. This “leave in” beard conditioner will help you not only grow the beard you’ve always dreamed, but it’ll help keep it soft, healthy and thick just the way you want it. And it even works amazing for your goatee or mustache as well!

Out of Control Frizz? Pesky Beard Patches? No Problem!

Say goodbye to out of control frizz and embarrassing patches that simply won’t grow in. Balmy Beards Beard Balm is your #1 premium beard conditioner that has you covered to help keep your beard healthy and manly…but also soft and comfortable just the way you like it. Gently massage Balmy Beards Beard Balm into your beard, mustache or goatee…and you’re all set. Watch as your beard transforms into a sexy and manly beard you’ll not only love, but so will those around you!

Use It For Yourself or Share It With Others…

This Beard Balm also makes for a fantastic gift. Why not spread the beard love? You’ll be glad you did…and so will those who receive this amazing gift!

100% Customer Satisfaction and Guarantee

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Product features

  • POWERFUL: Tames your wild facial hair and keeps it neatly in place. The thickener builds strong muscular hair shafts from the inside out. Keep it in all day - don't worry you'll look great. Use sparingly - a little bit goes a long way.
  • MANLY: Masculine but not overpowering citrus musk scent drives women wild. This heavy duty balm makes your beard smooth, thicker and fuller - and indestructible. Aids growth and great for styling mustaches goatees - any hair - anywhere!
  • NATURAL: All natural and organic ingredients - no artificial stuff here. Pure moist butters and essential oils. Say "hasta la vista" to dandruff eczema and dry skin. Keeps your hair soft clean and amazing with a firm hold.
  • PREMIUM: Only the best hand-picked ingredients are used in this balm, moisturizer and leave in Conditioner. Nobody can match the quality of resources used. Don't waste your money on cheap products. You'll feel the difference this Gentlemans conditioner and softner makes immediately.
  • DANGEROUS: Prepare yourself for random people wanting to feel your awesome beard. You may not want to fight them off!
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