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Less ‘bang bang you’re dead,’ more ‘boing, pop, you’re slightly deaf.’

The Balloon Russian Roulette is a harmless version of classic Russian Roulette,

taking away the blood, murder case and disposal of a body.

Ideal Birthday and Christmas gifts, Balloon Russian Roulette involves pointing a ‘gun’

at another persons head with a balloon attached to the front,

pulling the trigger will either produce nothing…

or a pin that pops the balloon!An ideal party game for any occasion,

have a blast with our Balloon Russian Roulette.

Ideal for James Bond, cowboy or gangster themed parties,

get the event started off with a bang thanks to this Russian Roulette game!

If pin the tail on the donkey and musical statues isn’t your kind of thing,

organise a game of Balloon Russian Roulette.

Package Included:

1 x Balloon Ring

1 x Gun

1 x Pump

1 x Dice

10 x Balloon

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Product features

  • Game Comes Complete With Everything You Need.
  • Adding Water Or Others In The Balloon,Will Be Even More Interesting.
  • It's A Pistol, The Difference Is That It's Not Playing With Bullets.
  • Random Blasting, Bad Luck One May Be You!
  • Party Necessary!!
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