AM FLEET Diesel Fuel Injector: A Complete Diesel additive for All Diesel Vehicles and Boats. Cetane Boost, Injector Cleaner, Eliminates Water in Fuel and Pollution, Performance Improver (1 Pint)

Product Description

MAXIMUM PERFORMANCE: You can now give your car a boost and enjoy maximum performance with this diesel fuel additive. The Megatane will increase cetane by 10-15% and give you best results every time.

PERFECT INJECTOR CLEANER: With the fuel additive you can keep your injector and valves clean, as it reduces visible pollution, such as smoke and particulate that your car engine gives off.

EASIER USE: The performance booster will help your car work perfectly so it can be easier to use. The fuel additive promotes a much easier starting and can stabilize fuel for best results.

NO MORE WATER: The Megatane booster will effectively remove water from your fuel and protect your car from corrosion with its special lubricants that will keep sulfur low for easy maintenance.

FOR EVERY DIESEL VEHICLE: The cetane booster will improve the performance of your diesel vehicle for maximum results. Use it for your car, truck, or boat, and enjoy incredible fuel stabilization for up to 2 years.

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