Product Description

With our Wheel Lock we had two main things in mind, firstly SECURITY and secondly ease of use. The Wheel Lock is the best of both worlds, it heavily deters even the most committed thieves and yet is so simple to use our young nieces and nephews can use them. The lock will completely immobilize any wheel from turning and will fit most vehicles. It easily attaches and detaches quickly to the wheel and is adjustable for different tire sizes. Grant’s Garage is a company that prides itself on delivering top quality products to it’s customers like you. With our Wheel Lock we knew it was necessary to be extremely diligent on offering the top tire lock system out there as it’s our name, but your stuff! We know first hand what it is like to come around the corner and see our boat missing, it really grinds our gears to know that products like this are necessary!

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Product features

  • The simple yet effective design of your new tire lock makes it a great asset to your security arsenal against thieves. Whether you are storing your vehicle for the long term or just between uses our wheel boot will add to your piece of mind. The bright colours alone make it's presence noticed which is a deterrent by itself.
  • Commonly used on assets such as: Boat, Car, Light Vehicle, Motorcycle, Trailer, Quad, Aircraft etc.
  • Made from the highest quality heavy guage steel on the market with a weather resistant coating to ensure a lifetime guarantee. Locking mechanism comes with 3 keys and is tamper resistant.
  • Jaws have a rubberized coating to protect tires and rims from being damaged while in use.
  • Quickly and easily attaches to any wheel from 10" wide rubber down to your small 12" trailer rim eliminating the ability to tow or drive away.
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