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Product Description

These are the effective, yet affordable, bass traps youve been looking for! Theyre perfect for smoothing out low frequency room nodes, allowing you to more accurately hear the full mix without bass build-up or cancellation. Sound passes into our traps where it is slowed it down, decreasing the amplitude of the sound and absorbing the sound. Using Bass Traps as part of your absorptive treatment plan is the answer to creating a faithful critical listening environment in any room, even smaller spaces where waves lower than 80HZ cannot fully develop (a common cause of loud bass). Our high quality foam bass traps are designed for anyone who is involved with critical listening for enjoyment or professional use.

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Product features

  • Great solution for professionals and hobbyists looking to diffuse bass reverb
  • Measures 12" in height, and 7" in width. About 10" across face of trap.
  • Dampens and diffuses mid to low frequency sound waves inside of a room to minimize interference, Increases increasing sound clarity
  • More affordable than competitive products
  • For use in home theaters, professional movie theaters, concert halls, gymnasiums sports centers, recording studios, auditoriums and more!
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