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“When the odds are stacked against you, focus on the gain, not the pain, so that you can stay the rain and enter your reign.” This book tells of how to reach success regardless of challenges faced in our daily lives or career paths. Every ambition, every task, every goal or dream is challenged by seeming barriers, discouraging and threatening our walk to success. In this book, the author reaches within her soul and shares her experiences and success. She spills the inside workings of a moment in her life, and the principles that helped her succeed. She does not hide skeletons but projects obstacles as mere distractions that must be conquered to achieve success. Drawing up illustrations from great entrepreneurs who succeeded despite the odds against them, she also shares her own inspiration and exposes the truths of her strengths and success. She relates a story of past want, need and poverty, of disease, pain and disappointments, with the struggles borne in every home. She assures you of success that is borne and nurtured from deep within. Whether you’re a struggling single mother needing to put food on the table or a young man in pursuit of his dreams, this book teaches you the steps to success, despite hurdles, and gives you hope to attain your dream. The book clearly identifies and outlines proven and winning principles employed by many successful men in pursuit and accomplishment of their vision. It is definitely an exposé on definite strategies for success. Exclusive content *Includes free illustration format on how to nurture your vision and start a business from scratch or zero budget.

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