RED WOLF For All Pioneer AVH, MVH, DVH Radio Parking Brake Bypass In Motion Interface Pioneer Video Switch Function

Product Description

All Pioneer Like DMH-WC6600NEX WT7600NEX DMH-Z5150BT MVH-200EX, AVH-100DVD 160DVD 170DVD 180DVD 190DVD, VH-P6400R AVH-8400BH AVH-X391BHS X490BHS X491BHS, MVH-1400EX AVH-210NEX 211NEX 601NEX 300NEX 1300NEX 1330NEX 1400NEX 1440NEX 1500NEX 1530NEX 1550NEX 2300NEX 2330NEX 2400NEX, AVIC-U220 U250 U260 U280 AVIC-5000NEX 5100NEX 5200NEX 5201NEX 6000NEX 6100NEX 6101NEX, AVIC-Z140BH Z150BH X950BH F700BT F900BT X710BT X850BT X900BT X910BT X920BT X930BT X940BT, MVH-AV280BT MVH-200EX 211EX 221EX MVH-1400NEX

7200NEX 7201NEX 8000NEX 8100NEX 8200NEX 8201NEX 8400NEX AVIC-W4400NEX W6400NEX W6500NEX W6600NEX W8400NEX W8500NEX, MVH-AV251BT AV290BT AV790BT MVH-300EX 210EX 1400EX 2300NEX 2400NEX 2500NEX MVH-AV189 MVH 8300BT AVIC-7100NEX AVH-220EX AVH-2400NEX AVH-1400DVD DMH-6350BT DMH-W4660NEX DMH-WT8600NEX, 5200NEX 8000NEX 8200NEX 8400NEX W4400NEX 24500NEX, X900BT X910BT X920BT X930BT X940BT X950BT Z130BT

Installation is straight-forward. There are three wires - black goes to your head unit ground, blue goes to your head unit blue/white (remote power), and green goes to the head unit light green brake wire. Solder connections and heat shrink tubing for best results

Automatic Video In Motion Interface. Some vehicle would not work through the standard on-off-on,or sometimes the driver can punch in a letter or two at a stoplight to recall a destination from a recent search (which does not appear in the "Recent Places' menu on the Pioneer), our product solved that problem immediately

Does not require you to cycle the Ignition On and Off, And Is fully automatic. But the best is don't play it when you are driving

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